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This story has been percolating inside my brain since 1996 when I first heard about Lisa Marie Smith.

I remember the story flashing up on my terminal in the Newcastle Herald newsroom. It stopped me in my tracks. 

So I leaned across the desk and said to my colleague: “check this story out. It’s absolutely incredible.”

Moreover, I lived in Bali in 2014-15, and watched a lot of Banged Up Abroad and Cesar Milan (but that’s another story).

Australian drug courier Schapelle Corby was released from Kerobokan Prison at the same time. It was a media circus, and I couldn’t get enough of it. 

When it comes to podcastingI come up with new series ideas all the time.  Can’t stop; won’t stop.

This (see below) is a photo of me when I was a trainee reporter back in 1788.

This is me today.