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Oct. 5, 2022

Who is Lisa Marie Smith? World’s Most Wanted Woman

Who is Lisa Marie Smith?  Truth, in the case of the upcoming new podcast “Escaping Bangkok,” is stranger and so much more compelling than fiction.

Do you dare listen?

The World’s Most Wanted Woman Lisa Marie Smith

Journalist and author Lisa Tait, whose first true crime podcast was about Jeffrey Epstein (with 2 million downloads), is releasing her third true crime podcast.

The podcast is centred on 20-year-old heiress Lisa Marie Smith and her horrific experience in a Thai jail, and adds testimonies of other foreigners whose lives have been derailed there.

Can we tell you more about this story?

Escaping Bangkok” exposes the listener to the incredible experiences of the people who go through Thai prison hell and end up getting out alive.

They actually survived these Thai prisons. Not easy, not at all.

Lisa Marie is a catering student and her nightmare is “our first stop in the group of amazing tales about Thai prison horrors.”

She is jailed and, after five months in the prison hell hole known as the Bangkok Hilton, she accomplishes an audacious flight to freedom.

Despite being on Interpol’s ‘Most Wanted’ list, she lives under the radar for nearly 20 years until a random incident of violence blows Lisa’s cover.

The podcast will also feature David McMillan, an Australian child TV star-turned drug smuggler.

Known as “McVillain,” he is the only Westerner to escape from the Bangkok Hilton.

Who is Lisa Marie Smith

Lisa Marie Smith

Listen to every episode of Escaping Bangkok at www.escapingbangkok.com