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The Man Dubbed McVillain David McMillan

David McMillan | the remarkable tale of one man who made an incredible escape from Klong Prem Prison, a feat that no one thought possible. 

“Two Weeks Before My Execution By Machine Gun, I Abandoned 20 Earlier Escape Plans — And Got Out The Traditional Way: Over The Wall.” David McMillan 

“The Major Problem Was There Were 11 Walls.To my eyes that day, the fact that everyone was armed to the teeth told another truth: anything worth carrying long distances through hard and dangerous country is often worth more than other travellers’ lives. I hoped it would not be mine for I was twenty-three and too inquisitive to die soon.”

In 1996, David McMillan was held in one of Thailand’s infamous Bangkok Hilton prisons, Bangkok’s Klong Prem. 

David McMillan
As another near-certain death sentence approached, he also escaped from the maximum-security jail and disappeared into the hinterlands of Baluchistan, Pakistan.
Despite Interpol alerts, McMillan continued his smuggling trade, although at a low level. Even so, he was caught and imprisoned several times.

“Arranging False Passports And Making Contacts In Source Countries Around The World. By The Time I Was 24, I'd Made Millions But Had Major Police Task Forces On My Case.”

The man dubbed McVillain is now a writer and YouTube host.

His most recent book Unforgiving Destiny follows the true story of the 37-year pursuit by authorities on five continents to imprison and execute David.

David McMillan