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Sept. 14, 2022

Thai Prison Stories | Adrian Simon Warren Fellows

Thai Prison Stories

Adrian Simon Author: For some, a calling in life comes with little choice.

For Adrian Simon, it began with the incarceration of his father, Warren Fellows, who was arrested for trafficking heroin in Bangkok, Thailand, of all places.

Spared the executioner’s aim, Warren was sentenced to life inside one of the worst prisons on the planet.

Twelve years later, he was granted  a King’s pardon. A free, but very broken man.

Upon his return, Warren penned the bestselling memoir. The Damage Done, one of Australia’s most successful books, reaching millions across the globe.

Moreover, Adrian and his family remained somewhat invisible throughout his father’s saga, yet were so embroiled.

The story of his mother’s trials and tribulations is one of true courage and Adrian is telling his own story.

With a career spanning from spruiking outside nightclubs in Corfu, to becoming the assistant to the Chief Political Correspondent at Sky News, London, it's fair to say Adrian Simon has been around.

Thai Prison Stories 

These collected experiences and many more, have led Adrian into the fields of writing and public speaking.

Adrian Simon Author

Using these as vehicles, he has been able to reach a wide audience, enlightening, as well as entertaining with stories from his childhood and early adulthood (as chronicled in {Milk-Blood: A Father's Choice, the Family's Price}.  

A gripping insight into growing up the son of an international drug trafficker. Adrian has also published his first novel, {Unbreaking the Girl}.

A visually stunning tale of travel, action and a love triangle to rival Gatsby's. {Unbreaking The Girl} has been likened to a movie in a book!

Thai Prison Stories

Resilience and fortitude is imprinted into Adrian’s attitude towards life. He Isn’t someone who has just lived it, but also creates it.

Twenty years of multimedia experience. TV – book publishing – film development.

Going forward, harnessing his skills to continue writing fictionbooks, and to adapt his content offerings onto the big screen.  

Thai Prison Stories 

About Escaping Bangkok

On the podcast, we go beyond the stereotype of foreigners who are imprisoned in Asia.

Plus learn about the people, such as Adrian, who are left behind when their loved one is in a foreign jail.

Imprisonment doesn’t just change the course of the prisoner's life.

This is Escaping Bangkok, a podcast about how people survive the nightmare of Thailand’s prison system.

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Unbreaking The GirlMilk BloodThe Damage Done.