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Sept. 11, 2022

Bridget Jones Thai Prison Scenes | Best True Crime Podcasts

Best True Crime Podcasts Did you know the Bridget Jones Edge of Reason Thai prison scenes were more than likely based on a true story? 

UK woman Sandra Gregory was held at Thailand’s Klong Prem Prison (aka the Bangkok Hilton) for three years after she was persuaded to smuggle heroin to Japan

Best True Crime Podcasts 

She was apprehended trying to leave the country via Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport.

In court, Ms Gregory entered a guilty plea to possession and attempting to smuggle heroin out of Thailand.


Best True Crime Podcasts


Best True Crime Podcasts 

She was later was sentenced to death. This was subsequently reduced to life imprisonment, then it was downgraded to 25 years on the same day. 

After spending four years in the jell of Klong Prem, Ms Gregory was transferred to Britain in 1997 to complete the remainder of her sentence.

She told the media  in 2004 the scenes in the book Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason and its film adaptation involving the Thai prison probably received inspiration from her incident.

This was because the Bridget Jones author author Helen Fielding “knew the next door neighbours of her parents and presumably they would have talked to them,” she said.