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Nov. 7, 2022

How to Escape Prison in Bitlife Or Real Life

“I Found Myself Facing The Death Penalty, Which Doesn't Take Much Doing In Thailand - You Only Need To Be Charged With 25g Or More Of A-Class Drugs Or More And You'll Be Facing The Death Penalty.” David McMillan

How to Escape Prison in Bitlife or Real Life


In 1996, admitted serial drug smuggler David McMillan made an audacious escape from a Thai prison, a feat no westerner has ever achieved.

How to Escape Bitlife

The former child star was just out of a stint in the notorious Australian jail Pentridge when he found himself on death row in Klong Prem Prison, Bangkok, Thailand.

David McMillan

“My Career In The Legitimate World Didn't Last Long. By 18, I'd Stopped Being A Camera Operator And Started Crossing Borders With Contraband,” he said.

“This Soon Meant Building My Own Equipment, Arranging False Passports And Making Contacts In Source Countries Around The World. By The Time I Was 24, I'd Made Millions But Had Major Police Task Forces On My Case.”

Could you survive the Bangkok Hilton? Escaping Bangkok is the podcast about those who have gotten out alive. David shares his story on the show.

David also spent time with safe breakers in Melbourne in the 1970s, an experience which came in handy for someone who would end up in a Thai prison.


How to Escape Prison in Bitlife

The jail, known as the Bangkok Hilton, is a nightmarish, seething mass of human misery and is regarded as one of the worst in the world.

David describes his experience in Klong Prem as: “it is a place where 600 foreigners wait and rot among the 12,000 inmates. Amid the tragic, ruthless, and forgotten, one man (David McMillan) resolves to do what no other has done: escape.”

His story is incredible as he takes the listener through every step of his hazardous disappearance from Klong Prem.

“Two Weeks Before My Execution By Machine Gun, I Abandoned 20 Earlier Escape Plans — And Got Out The Traditional Way: Over The Wall,” he said.


The Major Problem Was There Were 11 Walls,” he said on Escaping Bangkok the Podcast.

“To my eyes that day, the fact that everyone was armed to the teeth told another truth: anything worth carrying long distances through hard and dangerous country is often worth more than other travellers’ lives.

I hoped it would not be mine for I was twenty-three and too inquisitive to die soon.”

How to Escape Prison in Bitlife or Real Life

The preparation David engages in is truly incredible and he really does think of everything. Yes, he really does.

Could you survive the Bangkok Hilton? This is the podcast about those who have gotten out alive.

Find Out More About David McMillan on the Escaping Bangkok on YouTube Channel