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About Escaping Bangkok the Podcast

Could you survive the Bangkok Hilton? Escaping Bangkok tells the stories of those who have gotten out alive.

The Shocking Truth 

How Melbourne-Born Fugitive Outwits Global Law Enforcement for 18 Years

Australian Crime Writer Launches True Crime Podcast “Escaping Bangkok”

Escaping Bangkok: Lisa Tait asks her listeners, “Would you have the guts to survive a Thai prison?” as she releases third true crime podcast.

Journalist, academic and author of true crime works Lisa Tait today announced the upcoming launch of her newest effort, “Escaping Bangkok,” in November.

Escaping Bangkok is her third true crime podcast. Her first was about Jeffrey Epstein and had an impressive 2 million downloads.

The story centers on 20-year-old heiress Lisa Marie Smith, the only child of a multi-millionaire who made his fortune in insurance. Lisa ends up in a putrid Thai prison cell, where she lived cheek-to-jowl with 120 other women inside a rat-infested dorm. 

Escaping Bangkok the Podcast

“From Bangkok’s backpacker district to Greece and Dublin, this is a tale of extraordinary luck, intrigue and an eventual unmasking in shocking circumstances,” said Tait. 

 “Lisa Marie Smith innocently goes into the Paradise bar and a nest of vipers. She is a young woman about to be thrown into the centre of a dangerous, international drug trafficking conspiracy. 

 She is put into prison and, after five months in the prison hell hole known as the Bangkok Hilton, she accomplished an audacious flight to freedom. 

 Despite being on Interpol’s ‘Most Wanted’ list, she lives under the radar in Dublin for nearly 20 years until a random incident of violence blows Lisa’s cover.”

 Escaping Bangkok will also feature David McMillan, an Australian child TV star-turned drug smuggler. Known as “McVillain,” he is the only Westerner to escape from the Bangkok Hilton.

Tait added, “‘Escaping Bangkok’ is a podcast about how people survive the nightmare of Thailand’s prison system. We go on a journey beyond stereotypical foreigners imprisoned for drugs in Asia.

‘Escaping Bangkok’ gives the listener a true experience as we talk to the people who are left behind when their loved one is in a foreign prison. You will learn how the Bangkok Hilton is worse than anything you’ve heard about or seen in the media.”

Find out the facts on Escaping Bangkok the Podcast.

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Lisa, just out of her teens, is our first story in the incredible group of tales of Thai prison nightmares. 

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 Escaping Bangkok

Back in 1996 and before the 9/11 attacks, international travel was fun unless you ended up in the notorious Thai prisons known as the Bangkok Hilton.

This is Escaping Bangkok, a story about how people survive Thailand’s  prison system.

Lisa Marie Smith Interpol

We go beyond the stereotype of foreigners who are imprisoned for drugs in Asia. 
Plus you will learn how the reality of life inside the Bangkok Hilton is worse in reality, a fate worse than death. 

Because at the heart of this story, is an underfunded Thai prison system full of medieval horrors.

As well, we talk about the people who are left behind when their loved one is in a foreign jail. Imprisonment doesn’t just change the course of the prisoner's life.

Every Australian passport carries a warning about the drug trade and the possible consequences of overseas trafficking. Despite the caution, many young people, in particular, get into trouble overseas and are shocked when no foreign Government can help them.

Because being caught for a drug-related crime anywhere in Asia is a nightmare. We are not making excuses for drug trafficking. Rather we are shining a light on the conditions in Thai prison.

On Escaping Bangkok, you will hear the facts about a justice system which has the world’s highest incarceration rate of women.