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Dec. 11, 2022

5. Let's Start | My Dad Was In A Thai Prison

5. Let's Start | My Dad Was In A Thai Prison

Let's Start | My Dad Was In A Thai Prison

Writer Adrian Simon today takes us on a trip back In time to when his Dad was arrested in Thailand for drug trafficking. 

His is a gripping insight into growing up the son of an international drug trafficker. 

For some, a calling in life comes with little choice. For Adrian, it began with the incarceration of his father, Warren Fellows, who was arrested for smuggling heroin.

Spared the executioner’s aim, Warren was sentenced to life inside one of the worst prisons on the planet.

Twelve years later, he was granted  a King’s pardon. A free, but very broken man.

Upon his return, Warren penned the bestselling memoir. The Damage Done, one of Australia’s most successful books, reaching millions across the globe.

Adrian has penned his own account of this time. His biography Milkblood is the story of his mother’s trials and tribulations.

These collected experiences and many more, have led Adrian into the fields of writing and public speaking.

Using these as vehicles, he has been able to reach a wide audience, enlightening, as well as entertaining with stories from his childhood and early adulthood (as chronicled in {Milk-Blood: A Father's Choice, the Family's Price}.  

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