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Dec. 4, 2022

How to Escape a Thai Prison | David McMillan

How to Escape a Thai Prison | David McMillan

In 1996, serial smuggler David McMillan, aka McVillain, made an audacious escape from a Thai prison.
This was a dangerous feat no westerner had ever achieved. So he tried it, regardless of the risk.
The former child star found himself fighting for his life on death row in Klong Prem Prison, Bangkok, Thailand.

In 1996, admitted serial smuggler David McMillan aka McVillain made an audacious escape from a Thai prison, a feat no westerner had ever achieved.

He had to get out and fast before he was executed. Being locked up abroad required him to exercise all his street smarts.

The jail, known as the Bangkok Hilton, is a nightmarish, seething mass of human misery and is regarded as one of the worst in the world.

David describes his experience in Klong Prem as: “it is a place where 600 foreigners wait and rot among the 12,000 inmates. Amid the tragic, ruthless, and forgotten, one man (David McMillan) resolves to do what no other has done: escape.”

His story is incredible as he takes the listener through every step of his hazardous disappearance from Klong Prem.


“Two Weeks Before My Execution By Machine Gun, I Abandoned 20 Earlier Escape Plans — And Got Out The Traditional Way: Over The Wall,” he said.


“The Major Problem Was There Were 11 Walls,”


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Welcome to Escaping Bangkok and I am delighted today to have David McMillan on the other line from the UK.

David McMillan is the only Westerner to have ever escaped from Klong Prem prison, and the story is remarkable.

So thank you for being kind enough to share it with us today, David.

I'm a bit of a windbag anyway, Lisa. So it's no trouble at all.

Now, despite his accent, you are part Australian, do you still regard yourself as an Australia or are you British?

My accent is actually a very old-fashioned Australian accent.

When I was 12 years old. I did a kids news program in Australia for the nine Network. Yes. And it's quite a challenge in those days they didn't have Auto cues.

You had to actually read the bad carbon copy of the script and had three little lights to save fastest lowest, not.

So I guess they had trouble finding kids, who will good readers. I had some good editors back then.