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Nov. 27, 2022


How do you stay under the radar for almost 20 years? Alleged smuggler Lisa Marie Smith is now the world’s most wanted woman, according to Interpol, the international policing agency. But where is she? Lisa has been outsmarting law enforcement since she took off from Thailand while on bail.

Towards the end of the 20th century, police accelerated attempts to find Lisa Marie Smith, no pushed by the Thais.

Officials lost face when she fled on bail back in 1996 & were determined to settle the score.

This is the final chapter of Lisa’s incredible story, where you will hear how the Melbourne-born woman, now aged almost 40, has found love.

And again she is not far from trouble, but this time it is of her own doing. 

A shocking act of violence finally blows her new life to pieces.

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The Invisible Man 



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In 2008, a series of street art in Sydney Australia was raising speculation Lisa had slipped back into the country undetected.

The signs, made of  plaster and wood and posted on trees and the sides of homes in Newtown, hint she might have returned to Australia via Ireland. 

One of the messages names Lisa Marie Smith and points out that she is a fugitive from the "Bangkok Hilton" before cryptically adding: "McGuigan? Travels Eire 2 Australia as Though Invisible".

You see, the artist knows exactly where Lisa is. And it is not Greece, Hong Kong, England or Western Australia. 

The plaques contain a lot of insider information and are raising more questions. It is not just random graffiti; it is a statement.

So is she now known as Lisa Marie McGuigan? Because British police also once believed Lisa had an Irish surname, which might explain the McGuigan reference. 

This turns out to be a big clue. 

A third sign was a small block of white-painted wood that read: ``Lisa Marie Smith. I did it for you, Damien. Look at me. Omen''.

The artwork is full of detail about Lisa and her Bangkok controversy.

One piece includes the exact date of when she was mentioned in the Australian senate. 

We covered this in our last episode and the information is not easy to come by unless you know how to dig into parliamentary records. There’s even a reference number on the art.

Again, The Invisible Man is very well informed.

Later, in Newtown, on another power pole, a bizarre photograph depicting Lisa as a voodoo doll appears, bearing her date of birth. It has handwriting similar to that in the other artworks. 

Next we have one of standouts. It’s a white tile with gold lettering and a two-dimensional cigarette. It reads:

“For Lisa Marie Smith.” and as a side note, it asks to ‘FREI BOGAN SCHAPELLE,” an apparent reference to an Australian woman jailed for drug trafficking in Bali. 

As I lived on the island, I’m done with telling the Schapelle story because I’ve told it many times to my determent.

My child went to school with Shapelle’s nephews, but parents at the Australian International School were encouraged to never mention it to anyone, especially to Mercedes, her sister. As I have a big mouth and asked questions, it wasn’t forthcoming.

By 2011, police appear to drop ball again.

Because the media asks police about the plaques dedicated to Lisa.

`I haven't heard of anything like that and if it was happening I reckon I would have,'' a senior Sydney police officer told The Daily Telegraph in 2011.

Police appear to no have a dined the chase for Lisa.

So she can breathe easy for now. It’s soon revealed police had known where she was for at least 10 years.

This mystery is about to be cracked and it’s not solved by police. 

Meanwhile, Lisa starts to put down roots and lives a new life in the GUESS WHERE the Emerald Isle.

Yes! The Republic of Ireland, which I consider to be the most beautiful country in the world.

By now, Lisa has fallen in love with a man of American Irish descent. His name was Stephen Maguire and he was said to be from New York. He’s described as confident and funny.

You have to give our Sydney vigilante artist a hand because they told us about this relationship as early as 2008. But they were slightly off target. Maguire was the surname, yes! McGuigan, no!

So life goes on. Does Lisa allow herself to drop her guard?

By now, Lisa, Living in plain sight, has an apartment in a a suburb of South Dublin. 

She is starting to get productive with Stephen Maguire. 

In 2010, Maguire and a Terence Smith, of Australia, set up a Dublin-based company called Hippety’s Ltd.

It’s generally accepted that this Terence Jones is Lisa’s father.